With a rich experience in Branding and Marketing, Sneha discovered she felt alive when she wrote. She loves to write about her thoughts and the deep questions. She is a keen observer of people and situations and loves to present an assimilation of her learning.

Her work includes Public Relations for Qualcomm and RSA. Integrated Marketing Communications for Super Fight League introduction of MMA in India. Heading Da Stardust Concepts for acquiring projects in Brand Building, Design & Content. Her portfolio includes Real Estate, Hospitality, Hospitals, Spas, Dairy, Solar, Bio Lakes, Architecture verticals and clients include Fashion TV, Haagen Dagz, Forest Residences Green Grove, Khushi Constructions, R D Burman – a Documentary. She also worked on Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships At Super Fight League and Film Financing.

At present, she is a Consultant to a host of projects that include a Club Resort, upcoming tech companies, rebranding IT setups and Aviation projects.

She specializes in Design & Content Strategy for Brand Building and Digital Identity.